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New year, new branding, new launch

Some time last year we decided it was time to re-invent ourselves.  We'd been plodding along with the same old website for longer than I care to admit, it was more than a few years.

We became acutely aware of the importance of image during a project we were involved with over the last few years, and decided that Zeta Tech could benefit from some professional help.  It's one thing to have some graphics ability and excellent (!) technical skills, but "branding" is quite another thing.

So we approached See Creative.  Delphie used her special magic and intuition to figure out what we are all about, and designed a new logo, stationery and, of course, this new website.  We like it, we think it captures us quite well.

What are we about?

Well if you know us, then you already know the answer to that question.  Or do you?

Did we really know what we were about before we embarked on the "re-branding" exercise?  Maybe not.

Like many people in modern society, Ron & I are usually very busy.  We have 2 fantastic school age children and several interests outside of work.  We enjoy our work immensely and often spend many hours outside of work time researching projects and reading up on the latest techniques and ideas.

Often the weeks and months pass by quickly without any "taking stock" of what we are doing and why we're doing it.  Sound familiar?  So one day I decided to look at the all the projects we'd done in the last few years, and list out some of the positives and the negatives.  We learnt a lot during that exercise about what it takes to make a successful project, and what makes us excited about work and working with people.

The biggest message was passion.  Passion is essential to success.  We have a passion for building efficient, creative, beautiful software that meets the needs of people and businesses that are passionate about what they do.  We really enjoy it!  Without passion, forget it.

What do you think?

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